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We are TexanTech

We Repair Phones, Tablets, Computer and Gaming Consoles

We specialize in

TexanTech is an advanced electronics repair company specializing in Computer, Phone, and Tablet repairs. We are known for our advanced Microsoldering Services, Motherboard Repairs and Data Recovery. 

Display Cracked / NOt working ?

  • Has your display screen cracked or stopped working / not responding? The most probable reason could be a bad display if it is, then we can replace it with in 30 min or if it is a logic board level problem we can take care of that too.

Battery Problem / Not Charging / No Power

  • Is your device draining out its battery quickly or is not charging or has no power at all? We can take a look and if required we can replace the battery with a new one else get to the bottom of the problem and fix it using our Advanced Microsoldering Skills.

Data Recovery ?

  • Did your phone accidentally had liquid damage or does not power on. Are you worried about all the pictures, videos text messages and memories of your dear ones? We are here to recover all of those for you. The best part is No data No Charge. Also, the estimates are free of Charge

We support all major brands

About us

Who are we

We are a group of Passionate Engineers dedicated to solve complex logic board level problems on electronic devices primarily focusing on Phones, Tablets and Laptops.

What we offer

Our Services

We offer  variety of Microsoldering Services from Logic Board Level Repairs, PCB Repairs, iPhone Data Recovery from Physical Damaged, Liquid Damaged, Crashed and Fire Damaged Devices. We also Recover Data From Macbooks iMacs and Computer Hard Drives.